Network Testing Facility

SSG's Customer Network Testing Facility supports your network implementation needs by providing:

  • Network configuration testing
  • Equipment interoperability testing
  • Customer network analysis and problem resolution
  • New technology testing
  • Vulnerability assessments
  • Security configuration for selected product
  • Risk mitigation
  • New product testing

SSG performs hands-on hardware and software analysis , which enables us to test products in real-world environments as well as in isolation. Our lab, staffed by networking experts who understand the challenges faced by corporate IS and network managers, are unmatched.

SSG gives its competitive edge: We can test network products in a real-world environment, with all the attendant problems of interoperability, security, manageability, and reliability that our customers face every day. We can test products across WAN links that straddle the country or international borders. At the same time, we can also test in an isolated environment, when a pure test network is warranted, such as for performance, security, or customer unique configuration tests. You'll find our network architectures, and areas of networking expertise to be some of the best in the world.

Network Implementation

Implementation of data networks requires the coordination of multiple vendors and expertise with various technologies. With added constraints on time, staffing and budget, also comes the demand for more efficient network implementation. To address this challenge and to ensure the successful implementation of your network, SSG offers a complete solution based on these services:

  • Equipment Procurement
  • Testing, Staging and Configuration
  • Equipment Installation
  • Project Management

Equipment Procurement

SSG offers an extensive knowledge of internetworking hardware and software products from leading industry vendors. These products, together with our onsite equipment installation services, will ensure the smooth fit of new equipment into your existing networking environment. You'll maintain the flexibility to change equipment and services as needed.

Pre-tested internetworking products include access devices, hubs, switches, routers, firewalls, servers, application software and more. In addition, SSG’s testing, staging and configuration, equipment installation, and project management expertise ensure that the equipment we recommend performs to specification.

Project Management

SSG's Project Management team provides managed implementation of all our activities. The project manager will work with you and your technical contacts to develop the statement of work detailing the components of the installation. Installation dates will be managed by the project manager after reviewing your scheduled activities, equipment, network and technician availability, and site readiness. Technical information will be provided by you and your technical contacts to the project manager who will facilitate technician preparation.


Network Performance

Maintaining network performance is a challenge to corporate network administrators and planners. SSG provides its customers with services to optimize network performance through vulnerability assessments.

SSG's Vulnerability Assessments addresses today’s network concerns:

  • Business networks demand end-to-end performance, including server performance, client performance, network performance and application performance.
  • Upgrading one element without reviewing all may result in extra cost without improvements.New applications and user needs mean that networks are constantly changing, with frequent reviews of network infrastructure. New network technologies include Gigabit Ethernet, ATM and IP Switching. How do you know which to use?

Vulnerability Assessment involves:

  • Interview users to determine their needs
  • Baseline the existing environment
  • Integration testing of new applications
  • Do -what if- analyses
  • Instrument new applications to monitor ongoing performance
  • Develop and implement optimum configuration

This service can then continue to be a management tool as future issues/changes are considered.

Vulnerability Assessments and Risk Analysis are powerful tools that predict performance before costly changes are made. Contact SSG to learn more about how to optimize performance to get the desired results.