End-to-End Solutions

We have extensive experience working with electronic data standards both on and off the Web. We can run your systems. We have a track record for creating effective and secure payment programs. Here are the SSG range of services and end-to-end solutions for any stage of e-business development:

EDI services

  • Provides all the applications and training needed to transact business electronically
  • Increases efficiency, reduces time-to-market and lowers costs

Payment services

  • Creates custom services to implement or improve electronic delivery of financial services.
  • Provides efficient financial strategy and planning
  • Facilitates Internet-enabled business transformations

It’s About Business

The skills and services that help consumer retailers and business-to-business vendors capitalize on the emerging opportunities of buying and selling online. At SSG, e-commerce is about business, not simply technology. Our team of consultants and customized integrated applications work together to increase your sales.

Are you making the most of your Internet strategy?