Network Security Architecture

Secure Architecture Services include a range of customized services. These services allow clients to move to a more secure information systems environment through the proper design and implementation of an effective network security architecture. SSG's skilled security professionals possess specialized experience with developing and implementing business solutions related to:

  • Secure network topology
  • Implementation of secure network services
  • Data encryption and public key infrastructure
  • Design and operation of virtual private networks (VPN)
  • Use and configuration of routers and firewalls
  • Access control mechanisms and strategies
  • Strategies for intrusion detection and network monitoring

Service Methodology

Our information security professional average over ten years of networking and information security experience. This comprehensive experience enables SSG's security professionals to evaluate, design, and implement architecture solutions that effectively address the latest vulnerabilities and attack methodologies.

SSG's security professionals will perform Security Architecture Services that supports the client's customized scope of work. These services may include:

  • Review organizational business goals, objectives, and strategies
  • Assess current network topology including overall design, network points of presence and entry, web servers, and remote access systems
  • Evaluate whether current IT strategy effectively supports the organization's security policy and business requirements
  • Design a network security architecture that efficiently supports organizational objectives within the limitations imposed by the risk management process
  • Develop a migration strategy that maps the current security posture to the desired security posture ensuring that intermediate configurations are no less secure than the starting point
  • Implement and/or perform those tasks necessary to achieve and maintain the desired security posture

Depending on the activity, SSG's security professionals may perform the work on-site, remotely, or both.

Client Deliverables

Based on the customized scope of work, SSG will deliver a report, presentation, or facilitate discussions that detail our assessment and recommendations. Reports and presentations will be delivered in bound hard copy and in electronic form on diskette in Microsoft Word or Microsoft Power Point compatible format. If the customized scope of work includes implementation activities, client deliverables encompass those tasks specifically identified for implementation.