Cyber Value Added Capabilities

Decades of experience in the cyber-security space and the expertise we've built has driven the development of numerous advanced capabilities that enhance the solutions and services we offer. These capabilities are a by-product of our passion for securing networks and our ongoing commitment to emerging technologies as part of our solutions set.

  • Agile, cross-platform cyber tool development
  • Memory resident capabilities
  • Next-generation mobile and computer forensic solutions
  • Firmware engineering and forensic analysis
  • Next-generation monitoring solutions
  • Secure, dynamic communications solutions
  • Customized test lab and cyber range development

Threat and Vulnerability Analysis

As part of our unique focus on managing business and information related risk, SSG works with organizations to examine the threats they face and to analyze their unique vulnerabilities.

The primary objectives of a vulnerability assessment (VA) are to provide information on the security and operational posture of a military unit or commercial enterprise to improve mission capability, and to protect proprietary technology/information by identifying Information Operations (IO) vulnerabilities in some or all of the following areas:

  • Deficiencies in policy, programs, or personnel security resulting in Organizational vulnerabilities.
  • Vulnerabilities resulting from Organizational structure and information flow.
  • Vulnerability of computer networks, and the systems they support, to threats which could adversely impact the unit’s ability to accomplish critical mission functions.
  • Vulnerability to enemy/adversary Intelligence activities Vulnerabilities identified through counterintelligence activities.
  • People, process or technology vulnerabilities identified via a SSE-CMM (ISO 21827) survey.
  • Enforcement in areas of OPSEC, INFOSEC, or physical/personnel security.


After analyzing the current situation and risk from all perspectives (people, processes, technology), the SSG team will produce a detailed report, complete with recommendations to address all findings. Customers may then rely on SSG for all security process re-engineering, infrastructure improvement, training and implementation needs.

SSG Advantages


SSG's independence assures unbiased and complete test results. We have no conflicts of interest.


SSG does not believe that cyber criminals can be reformed, so we do not hire them. The background of SSG's founders is assisting government and law enforcement agencies to investigate corporate computer break-ins and performing system security reviews for multi-national firms.


Security gaps in customer sites and their underlying systems can result from either simple system changes or advances in hacker technology. Ongoing vulnerability assessment is the best defense against the latest hacking tools.


There is no need for advance preparation, system changes, or assistance from your firm. SSG does not write or modify any of our clients' files or reduce response time in any way. The only action on your part is to close the security gaps that SSG identifies.