Advanced services for the optimization of production and energy efficiency. Make use of SSG's extensive experience in processes, automation, electricity distribution and energy efficiency improvement in various industries to take your business to the next level.

Our comprehensive selection of products, systems and services enables us to provide tailor-made services for you. We implement your projects ensuring production, energy efficiency and maintenance optimization and we can cover your development needs in information security and IT systems, based on your requirements.

With the help of SSG's Advanced Services, your production, energy consumption and cost management can all be enhanced. The secret to production efficiency is simple.

Advanced Services

Maximize plant performance and efficiency.

Advanced services provide continuous improvement for power generation assets and processes and target reach peak performance. Efficiency of operations is increased by resolving issues quickly and systematically, always focusing on the maximum economic return. Our advanced services comprise energy efficiency and cyber security solutions, as well remote services and for power plants.

Why SSG?

  • SSG helps to maximize the plant performance and efficiency while extending the life cycle of products and systems
  • Our security services provide a suite of solutions and services that are designed to secure our customers' control systems
  • SSG offers a comprehensive and scalable one-stop service offering for renewable energy plants worldwide





Keep production running.

Effective preventive and corrective maintenance services maximize the reliability of your plant equipment. Our field engineers utilize the most advanced diagnostic and repair practices to reduce mean time to repair and increase plant performance.

Why SSG?

  • SSG has an extensive hands-on experience in preventive maintenance that will increase the asset’s reliability, reduce life cycle costs and prolong the asset’s life
  • All maintenance work performed is based on a thorough analysis to match the appropriate intervention with the asset life-cycle strategy chosen

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In today’s business environment, cyber security is critical to your plant’s reliability. SSG delivers cyber security solutions to enhance reliability, automate compliance efforts and minimize risk, tailored to the needs of our power generation customers. In a power plant, cyber security issues can put your operations at risk. SSG can assist with solutions to meet the cyber security needs of your plant’s SCADA Distributed Control System (DCS). These solutions are tailored to meet your specific requirements.

SSG offers a combination of assessment and remediation services that can be scheduled on a periodic or continuous basis. The assessment services include SSG’s cyber security comprehensive hands-on vulnerability assessment. Remediation services provide systems hardening, patch and antivirus deployment, and backup and restoration. A key component of SSG’s service is designed to meet the unique needs of the electric power industry to achieve and maintain reliability, security and compliance. SSG provides an integrated suite of security applications and tools that are specifically designed for use on the SCADA applications.

Our consulting services for best practices include:

  • Hardware & software installation, configuration & management
  • Configuration change management
  • Disaster recovery
  • Compliance to regulations and implementation strategies
  • Training for consistent maintenance of deployed cyber security solutions
  • Systems hardening
  • Back-up, anti-virus and patch remediation
  • Sustainability

SSG provides security assessment and remediation services before, during and after the implementation of your cyber security solutions.
A common cyber security threat in any power plant or operational environment is the trusted insider or contractor who unintentionally introduces malicious software, or malware, by means of an infected file or USB firmware transferred through removable media. Control systems are open to attack whenever someone imports files into an Operational Technology (“OT”) environment from any source. Malware is designed to evade anti-virus scans and other common detection technologies and to stealthily execute its mission. When essential software or security patch updates are required, how can a plant trust it to be safe? All sources and files should be considered untrustworthy.
Achieve and maintain the SSG recommended security baseline to meet the basic requirements for continued reliable operation of your Destributed Control System(DCS). Using SSG specialized automation tools to manage the essential patching and back-up processes insures the accuracy and consistency needed to maintains security baseline.

By being proactive in regards to security and systems management, you will gain the necessary visibility into your DCS to identify and correct conditions that threaten reliable operations. Our custom software integration will allow you to monitor the health of your SCACA System and view security events, configuration changes and alerts regarding thumb drive use. Without these measures, the first indication there is a problem with your SCADA System will be when the system goes down and your plant trips.

Provides a common reporting structure and an integrated approach to managing all compliance requirements faced by an organization, allowing you to focus on system reliability and performance - not compliance paperwork. Policy management, automated data collection and built-in standard reports for NERC CIP drastically reduce the preparation time required for compliance audits.
The SSG knowledge and experience with Intelligent Electronic Devices (IEDs) and Substation Automation Systems (SAS) for protection and control are an integral part of the substation automation system. Increasing competition is driving many power providers to focus on system productivity, with a view to reducing costs and increasing customer satisfaction, which often involves upgrading aging infrastructure. Older protection and control systems can be easily upgraded to meet your budget and needs with SSG's expert staff and Channel Partners. Updating substation automation offers the opportunity to reduce operational and maintenance costs, increasing plant productivity with the aid of enhanced schemes as well as condition monitoring for circuit breakers, power transformers, etc.

SSG is committed to providing you with the highest quality support for your operations. We pride ourselves on being available on-demand, so you can keep your production flowing and limit downtime. Our customers can call in and often talk to the same engineer that provided the initial project engineering, years or even decades earlier. And our ability to retrieve project files from our electronic storage system has allowed us to help customers restore program installations after disasters.

Our wide range of sustaining support services include:

  • Normal business hours support. Customers can call in during office hours and receive priority response. We understand the need to keep production up and will adapt priorities to provide timely response.
  • 24/7 on-call. For critical plant operations, we can dedicate our engineering staff to provide 24/7 on-call service. We promise to provide a site or dial-in response within two-hours from the initial call.
  • Custom support. For plant maintenance or project installations requiring downtime scheduling, SSG can provide a custom 24/7-support agreement tailored to the specific needs of your plant and situation. This allows for cost effective support when you need it most.

We also provide design and set-up of WAN connectivity to your plant sites, allowing even more cost-effective and timely support. Our ability to “dial-in” directly to a plant is highly valued by our customers, because it makes us an on-demand extension of the site maintenance staff.

Successful projects and satisfied customers drive repeat business, which is the key component of our business model. We believe our ability to provide support directly to plant sites, with engineering staff that are intimately familiar with the site architecture, is critical to our clients’ success.
Before SSG delivers a process control system to a site, we complete a Factory Acceptance Test (FAT) and/or an Operator Acceptance Test (OAT), which is witnessed by the customer and the end user. The FAT/OAT is an integral part of SSG’s project methodology; it demonstrates that:

  • the hardware and software work according to specification
  • network communications and interfaces function properly
  • the application program satisfies the design requirements and works within the hardware
  • support and interface systems perform as specified
  • hardware and bills of material are complete
  • system integration is complete
  • the graphical interface presents data as expected

SSG uses external software to simulate all real-world inputs. This software is configured to provide normal feedback, such that all devices can be tested at both the template level and the sequence level. Each individual fault is then tested, and the reaction of the programmed logic is verified to operate per the sequence of operations. This detailed level of simulation ensures that when a control system is brought to the field for start-up commissioning, the software has already been verified and the sole focus of commissioning is to check out field devices and wiring.

An added benefit of this level of simulation is that the bench test system can be used to provide operator training on the system, significantly increasing your operations efficiency during startup and production.